I’m Jen, a blogger, vegan recipe developer, yoga teacher and entrepreneur based in Fort Worth, Texas. I began this version of this blog in 2015 in order to begin seeing what it would be like to use my voice out in the world. That was a scarier step than you might imagine. All recipes are created and designed by me, in my little 1950s kitchen.

What I’m most passionate about is the written word, my favorite form of communication. I decided I would use these words for my favorite thing to do after a long week: bake and cook.

These days, I’ve mostly stuck to blogging, however the recipes I posted online over the last several years I go back to month after month. If you’re new on the vegan path or just interested in trying new recipes, I hope you like what you find.

Thank you so much for being here, for sharing your comments and feedback, and letting me in on a little bit about your lives throughout the years. I so value the community that this blog has created.

Love, Jen.

PS – all the profile pics on this site were taken by Fort Worth photographer and pediatrician Diane Arnaut. She’s a yogi and an all-out incredible person, interested in life and learning, and has a strong love for capturing the best pics in the best light (and making sure your kids are healthy and strong).

All the food pics were taken by me, and I’m doing my best over here: learning as I go, playing with backdrops and light, trying to get better as the years pass. 🙂