Grapefruit Martini“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we have destroyed ourselves.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

I don’t know how anyone, and I mean anyone, who can see what’s happening in our country right now and be OK with it. You can’t side with the NRA and our government right now, no matter who you are, and sleep peacefully at night. You just can’t. You cannot side with them and also say that you want a world filled with peace and equality. There’s absolutely no way. And that is heartbreaking.

There are a few things that have kept me sane over these past several months, and those are: my yoga community, my family, and The Jimmy Kimmel Show. I didn’t watch the Letterman Show like most people I know did, and I have never watched much of the news or late night shows, or watched too much about politics. I stay as up to date as possible, and then I live my life.

But Jimmy Kimmel, we watch the first 10 minutes of his show every night. He’s our voice of reason. He’s the most important person in North America right now, in that people listen to him; people from all backgrounds respect him. He doesn’t speak poorly of people, and he uses facts (imagine that) to tell the American people what is going on with our country. He uses his (and his writers’) gift of comedy to bring us together. He’s all we have. He’s surpassed the role of every other talk show host by a landslide. There is no one else worth watching right now on television, period.

It took a comedian to give us reason, to give us hope, to make us listen. Of course it did. Our comedians, our musicians, our teachers, they are who keep our world sane, who give us hope, who keep us looking towards the future.

Our country is filled with greed and horror. We honor guns and money more than we honor community, at least from a governmental perspective. I try to ignore our government and think that our communities will fight and be strong and stand up, but that’s not the way it works. A lot of old, white, privileged and wealthy men (mostly) get to decide the fate of my life and every other American’s lives. And it has to stop. Our corporations, mostly, are led by greed, so much so that our environment is getting destroyed, lives are being taken away, men who need a break are being held unfairly behind bars, and drugs and healthcare are too expensive for any household who makes less than $75,000 a year (that would be my household, and most everyone else who lives in America). I think, I hope, that we’re finally waking up. I hope that reason will prevail and greed will lose. We can’t have a successful country if it’s passion is greed, is ego.

I have a lot of issues that I get emotional about: reproductive rights, the chemicals in our “organic” foods, our environment, equality, the amount of uneducated black men being held unfairly in our prison system only due to the color of their skin and their un-wealthy backgrounds, and of course, gun control. We all have things that speak to us, and we all get mad about some issues over others. Normally something will happen in our country or in our world, and we all get sparked for a few days, and then we drop it.

But, thankfully, we have Jimmy Kimmel. I’m fairly certain he’s the only reason the new healthcare bill was stopped. And I’m fairly certain he’ll be the one who helps turn around the gun control rights. If you haven’t yet seen his intro regarding Las Vegas, please watch it, now:


This is not the first time his monologue has brought me to tears, and I’m sure it will not be the last. He’s all we have. He’s our clarity in this sea of non-stop chatter presented by our media. Please, listen, and please, stop praying, and start speaking up. We’ve been told in our world that we can pray to make things better, and meditate and things will magically come together for us, and I believe that, to an extent. It works, if you also act. It doesn’t work on it’s own.

We must use our voices for good. There’s no better person right now, with an audience such as his, to be doing this. Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel, for saying what needs to be said.

A few weeks ago, I divided my site into categories (did you notice??) which I’m very excited about. It feels like a real food blog now.   🙂   And I noticed, I only have a few “beverage” recipes. So I asked my husband for help. This is the cocktail he makes me almost every night. I love it. We could all use a cocktail these days, so cheers to you, I hope you enjoy!



Grapefruit Martini

Jimmy Kimmel Cocktail

Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
Course Beverages
Cuisine Vegan
Servings 1 drink


  • 2 oz. Gin (we always use Bombay Sapphire)
  • 1 oz. St. Germain
  • 1 large grapefruit, juiced (always use freshly squeezed juice!)
  • basil or mint, to taste


  • In a cocktail glass, combine the gin, St. Germain, and the grapefruit with ice. Top with basil or mint, and enjoy immediately.
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