It’s no joke that Albuquerque is my favorite city to go to. It’s easy to get around, the people are nice, interesting, and creative, there’s mountains for hiking and great food for eating. What’s not to love? Here’s my ABQ travel guide with where to stay, what to do, and where to eat vegan in Albuquerque.

Where to Stay in Albuquerque

Hotel Chaco!

This is not only the best hotel in Albuquerque, it’s the best in the New Mexico…it might even be one of the best in the U.S. The rooms are freaking glorious. The service is out of the this world. Walk out the front door and you’ll be greeted with a few great dining and shopping options. And…it’s dog friendly!!

Hotel Chaco might be known for its rooftop bar and restaurant – and yes, it’s gorgeous. Sit up there, under the stars and heaters, look at the mountains, be fed great food and great drink.

But the best place? The downstairs bar called Equinox. That’s where you’ll be served by Billy, who should be voted Best New Mexican, by far. Billy is a lifelong bartender. Have you ever been served by a lifelong bartender? If not, you’re in for a treat. Unfortunately, outside of New Orleans, New York, or D.C., you won’t find too many lifelong bartenders. And that’s a shame. Because there’s no one else who knows a city better, who tells better stories, who listens and carries conversation, and who makes the best drinks ever than a lifelong bartender.

That’s what you’ll get with Billy, and that’s what you’ll get at Hotel Chaco. Believe me when I say the insane modern, high-end rooms are just the icing on the cake. He’s that good at what he does.

Where to Eat Vegan in Albuquerque

Where else? Well, if you decide to leave the hotel, The Sawmill District is right across the street. At the Sawmill, the best place for breakfast (delicious avocado toast – just hold the cheese) or lunch (great veggie sandwich – again, hood the cheese) is The Mercantile, and the best place for coffee is Plata.

Old Town is a hop away, with Seasons being my preferred choice. Sit at the bar for better service and better conversation with locals. Their food is good, not great, but they do have a vegan option on the menu.

Farina Pizza might be the best pizza you’ll eat outside of New York, and yes, they have vegan cheese and vegan crusts and it is divine. They also have the best wine list in town. Their bar is a great place to spend a few hours. This is my favorite place to eat vegan in Albuquerque!

The other best wine list in town? Artichoke Cafe. Same owners as Farina, and right next door. Super cute retro yet fancy vibe. And – a vegan option, you don’t even have to ask for it. IMO, the food and service is not as good as what you’ll get at Farina, but Artichoke is better for a date night.

The Grove is hands-down my favorite lunch spot. Go on a sunny day and sit on their patio. Their food is so good and fresh, and many of the salads and sandwiches can be made vegan.

A super fun and surprisingly not cheesy experience is dinner at Vernon’s Speakeasy. Yes, you have to say a password to get in the door. Yes, you then have to deal with the door guy’s intro. But after that, the experience is worth it. The food is fantastic. They always have a vegan option. The wine list is great. There’s live piano music. It’s fun and romantic and great for a date night.

What Else to Do in Albuquerque

The hiking at Elena Gallegos is nice, however the La Luz Trail just north east of town is even better.

The walking along the Rio is one of my favorite things to do during the day. There’s parking at the Coors Bosque Trails and a few great paths to choose from.

Petroglyph National Monument is also a wonderful way to spend a morning, either watching the sunrise or going on a few short hikes. Just beware that there are no trails at the Visitors Center, so get your GPS to take you to the trails, not the main entrance.

What Else?

This page will be my main ABQ page from here on out. I’ll update it yearly after our trips to one of my fave places, so you always know the best of where to go, what to do, and where to eat vegan in Albuquerque. Enjoy!