I don’t know how to sum up who I am and what I do half the time. I guess I’m a vegan entrepreneur. Or a yogi entrepreneur. A senior living entrepreneur? A vegan yogi senior living entrepreneur? This is getting silly. Maybe I’m simply, a gal living on earth trying to make good decisions, pushing myself every day, filling my life with love and spreading love as much as possible, too. Is there a label for that?  

I never liked the “girl boss” or “female entrepreneur” titles – can I just be a boss? Or an entrepreneur? Does it have to have another label attached to it? And isn’t it funny how we’re all so attached to labels? I know I am. I think it’s a lifetime battle to strip away such labels, and then to try new ones on, and then remove those, and start all over again. And then hopefully, by the end of life, we can see how silly all this is, and stop it with all the labels. Maybe you’re there, you got there early – you know better than to attach yourself to such words. For me, it’s a battle.

A vegan yogi senior living entrepreneur. That can be my label, for now. 

My friend Jonathan created a new company a few months back, it’s a ministry and a podcast focused on normal people doing cool things in the Fort Worth area. I got to be on it a few weeks ago, and simply had a blast. 

We discussed a few of the items above, mostly focusing on my marriage, running a business, eating vegan foods, teaching yoga, practicing meditation, and spirituality. What’s fun about this podcast is how different Jonathan and I are, and how similar we both are, too. We briefly discuss this balance in life – finding the spaces in between black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. That’s what friendship is: It is acceptance and compassion and love. It’s coming together to discuss differences and opinions and listening, truly listening, and speaking with grace. 

Jonathan is one of the first Christian men I have met who came to me and listened. And then asked really good questions. And listened more. And then he talked, and explained who he is, and how he got to where he is, and what life and love and God and trust mean to him. Jonathan and I see the world differently, and we see it the same. We simply use different labels to get there, and this is what we focus on during our time together on his podcast.

It was so fun, and truly a nice way to step back and think about this path I’ve been on: getting healthier, getting stronger, becoming more aware…and at the same time, building a successful business with my husband. 

It all goes together, and it’s all so different at the same time. I guess that’s just life. 

If you want to take a listen about how to build your own business, what it’s like to eat vegan foods, how to meditate, and more, please tune in. If you want to become your own version of a vegan yogi senior living entrepreneur, I’m here to tell you, start today. Get focused and don’t give up. There’s some other good tips in our discussion as well, about to work with your passion, that you’ll want to check out. 

Thank you, Jonathan, for your friendship, your trust, your love and compassion, and thank you so much for allowing me in this space. I absolutely loved it. You are doing fantastic work.

Stay Focused. Be Patient. Don’t Rush. Don’t Quit. <3



P.S. – there are some truly awesome interviews on his podcast – all of them are worth listening to! If you’re into the Enneagram as much as I am, then don’t miss episode 7 either. It’s awesome!!! I can’t wait to keep diving more and more into those teachings.