This clean, easy to navigate city has a plethora of Indian, Nepalese and Thai restaurants to choose from. I love spicy foods and could’ve easily over eaten again and again in SLC!

Himalayan Kitchen – this colorful, packed restaurant downtown has great service and a vegan labeled menu. We started with the Poori whole what breads, Aloo Papri chickpea dish and vegetable samosas, followed by the Potato Chili and Mattar Mushroom. We ordered everything extra spicy and oh my word was it spicy. The flavors blew us away and no amount of water turned down the spice. This is probably the best Indian food we’ve ever had, and so nice to have everything clearly labeled as vegan. We’ll probably be turning down the spice next visit but none the less this place was incredible.

Sugar House Coffee – a nice, locally owned coffee shop in a really cute neighborhood, Sugar House has great coffee, freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices, and a good selection of vegan breads and muffins to choose from. This is a great place to stop by for a treat, juice or coffee to go and the people working the counter are super friendly. Their vegan breads sell out quickly so get here early for the best assortment.