This one has been a long time coming, and it’s so hard to limit it to only the top 10 fine dining vegan and vegetarian options in Santa Fe… so, I didn’t! THIS CITY. It stirs my heart and my soul, and my taste buds are in heaven. HOW DO YOU DO IT, SANTA FE!!??

New Mexico is a dream come true – this state just brings tears to my eyes; it’s rare for me to talk about the beauty here and not get choked up. I just love it. The scenery, the people, the artwork… and the FOOD! Seriously, there’s no way to limit this to the top 10 fine dining vegan and vegetarian options in Santa Fe… I mean, there’s too many. But here goes!

Please note: you have to ask for the vegan options and not all restaurants support vegan dining here! Please go in with an open and kind heart as there are simply not a lot of vegans in this part of New Mexico to sway these incredible chefs.

The Top 10 (Plus 2!) Fine Dining Vegan and Vegetarian Options in Santa Fe

  1. Arroyo Vino – holy moly, this is a new one for us and we can’t stop going. The menu changes often which is so fun, and there’s always a seasonal veggie on the app list and always a main course veggie option. All of it – really, all of it – is insane. You have to go, and go when the sun is setting as the views OMG – heaven. They have a really great (small) bar too with the friendliest bartenders in Santa Fe. If you can only pick one place, go here or Restaurant Martin.
  2. Restaurant Martin – I don’t know which of these is my favorite, Arroyo or Martin, but Restaurant Martin is a GEM. They have a veggie option every night and it might be the best meal you’ve ever had. The service is outstanding, which is normal for Santa Fe (the service here ROCKS) and even with that, I have to say, this place is the best of the best, and their patio! Just wow. It’s so lovely.
  3. Joseph’s Culinary Pub – Intimate and with a delicious veggie enchilada (it is very light on cheese), Joseph’s is a true treat with little dining rooms, good service, and delicious meals.
  4. Izanami – Oh wow how I love this place at Ten Thousand Waves. The vegan options are freaking awesome! I have been to the spa and hot springs, and personally I would skip them in the future and just go for the food. This is one of the few fine dining restaurants in Santa Fe that has legit vegan options; so if you’re set on fully vegan, don’t miss Izanami.
  5. Andiamo – Fantastic Italian food, in a very intimate restaurant. Depending on where they sit you, you might leave with new friends, ha, but the food is fabulous and the service is sweet. The reviews here are mixed and I have not ever left leaving irritated – it’s tight, yes, but know that going into it, relax and enjoy fantastic, fresh, locally-sourced Italian.
  6. El Farol – With a few vegan options on the menu, and smaller, tapas-style dishes, you’ll love the variety of tastes at this Spanish-inspired restaurant with Flamenco dancing and live entertainment! It’s worth it even if you only go once – you’ll have a night to always remember.
  7. GeronimoDefinitely in my top 10 but not my top 5, Geronimo has great service and the food is top-notch. I didn’t move it up simply because it feels a little high society for me – and yes, you can say that about any of these restaurants I’m sure, as they’re fancy, this one just feels a little millionaire-centered. Fantastic food, don’t get me wrong, and I’ll definitely go back, and obviously recommend it! Please note they do not serve vegan options and will not budge on this, which is fine, but please go knowing this!
  8. Luminaria – it took me a long time to go here and quite frankly this was one of the best meals I have had in Santa Fe. Their cauliflower “steak” is simply incredible (not fully vegan, but close). Great wine list too and pretty restaurant! I can’t wait to go back in warmer weather and enjoy their patio dining.
  9. Pink Adobe! This might be the most fun restaurant due to their incredibly great patio and bar (and super cool bar lighting) and they have vegan options! Their chile relleno is superb. This is always where we take out of town guests as it’s not too fancy and not too casual and everyone always loves their food (and drinks!).
  10. El Nido – In Tesuque, just north of Santa Fe, sits El Nido, a fine dining fantastic choice for a special date night, with incredible tapas options and unfortunately the smallest tables in the world, ha. But go anyway, and fill that tiny little table with allllll the tapas, so many are vegetarian and vegan – and dig in. It’s so dang good. This is such a special and beautiful restaurant.
  11. Santacafe – my husband’s favorite for their non-veg options. They have several salads that can be vegan and I always order the pasta dish – which is not vegan, but close. Their menu changes about twice a year, however there’s always a vegetarian pasta option. They have a great wine selection as well. It’s a fancy place so if you’re looking for true fine dining, I’d pick Santacafe. You will not be disappointed.
  12. Coyote Cafe – Santacafe’s sister is equally as good, although I prefer the dining room options at Santacafe as it’s more intimate. However, the great part about Coyote is the tables are near each other and if you’re of the friendly type, you’ll definitely make friends here. It’s a lovely restaurant with fantastic veggie options.

That’s my current list of the top 10 (plus 2) fine dining vegan and vegetarian options in Santa Fe! If you’re visiting and short on time, and want my fully honest opinions, I would skip Dinner For Two (way too cramped, way too loud, very dark, and the veg options are not great), Terra at Four Seasons (maybe go here for a drink – the food is just OK although the view is gorgeous) and Radish and Rye (the food is good but what is up with the country music and the insane loudness of the country music? Am I in Tennessee??? Maybe go here if you’re sick of talking to your dinner guest, ha). Just my opinions, you are fully welcome to your own!

If you want my FULL Santa Fe vegan restaurant list, look here!

What else would you add? Please email me at jen@ with your recommendations!

Love, Jen

This post was originally created in 2022 and is updated often – most recently in January 2024.