Santa Fe is getting more and more vegan friendly as the years go on, and I am excited to break up my comprehensive best-of restaurant list into this shorter list of the 10 best casual vegan restaurants in Santa Fe! After being here the last 6 months, I have revisited every restaurant we used to just go to on vacation, and I just had to give a shout-out to these fantastic places that I can’t stop going to that feature delicious vegan meals. Many of these I found from past travels to Santa Fe, and many are new to us now that we’re getting more and more settled.

If you’re looking for the full list of vegan restaurants in Santa Fe, don’t miss that post, and if you’re looking for the best vegan options for a date night in Santa Fe, I bet you’ll want to check out that link.

The 10 Best Casual Vegan Restaurants in Santa Fe

  1. Counter Culture Cafe – the line might turn you away, but don’t let it – it moves fast, and there’s a reason there’s a line! This might be my most-visited lunch cafe in all of Santa Fe. There are several vegan and vegan-friendly sandwiches and salads, and they almost always have a delicious vegan soup. The coffee is typically very good, and there’s so many desserts and scones that look simply delicious. Go once and you’ll want to go back the next day! The non-vegans I’ve gone here with love it, too, so there’s plenty for all to enjoy.
  2. La Choza – There will be a line here, too, unless you get here right when they open at 11, or go for an early dinner. The line does not move fast here, so be patient or arrive early. I promise you La Choza is delicious and worth the wait! They offer vegan posole, vegan tostadas, vegetarian tamales, and plenty of the typical vegetarian options that most Mexican and New Mexican-style restaurants offer. It’s rare to find vegan posole, and ALL of their chile is vegan, so dig in and enjoy! I don’t drink much these days, but their margaritas are delicious, too, if you partake.
  3. Tomasitas – Again, a line, and a long one, but it goes very fast. The good part about Tomasita’s is they’ll take your number so you can walk around the Railyards district while waiting and they’ll text you – but don’t go far as the wait goes quickly – especially if you don’t have a big party. They offer vegan burritos and vegan chile and it’s delicious and spicy and a fun place to come for lunch or a casual dinner.
  4. Pyramid Cafe – Super duper casual (many get their food to go) but their Mediterranean options are delicious – for vegans and non – their lentil soup is wonderful, as is their hummus, tabouli, dolmas, and vegetarian falafel.
  5. Jambo Cafe – Freaking fantastic African curries, stews, vegan rice and beans, hummus, sweet potato soups, tofu sandwiches, and so much more. It is hard to not go here over and over and over again… and the service is wonderful, too. Many items on their menu are labeled vegan so you don’t have to ask or request something special.
  6. Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen – Whether you show up for weekend brunch, lunch, or a casual dinner, you will find something delicious and vegan on their menu – from vegan breakfast burritos to vegan jerk sandwiches to vegan burgers and fries… and even vegan desserts. They serve Ikonic coffees (local to Santa Fe) and the service is fairly quick for Santa Fe standards. I’ve never gone here and not been pleased – and the restaurant is very sweet and well-decorated, too!
  7. Paper Dosa – Like Sweetwater, Paper Dosa is definitely not as casual as the others on this list, but it’s casual for Santa Fe standards, in my opinion, and if you like Indian food, you must go. They don’t take reservations (like La Choza) and there will be a wait. You will make friends during the wait! They have a lovely bar, a gorgeous private dining room, a nice patio, and a lively dining room. There are several vegan dosas and vegan samosas and vegan desserts to choose from. I simply love Indian food, and Paper Dosa is one of my all-time faves.
  8. Tibet Kitchen – Vegan momos and vegan curries and vegan lentil soup – what more can you ask for?? Tibet Kitchen is super duper casual and if you love Himalayan food, you will love it here!
  9. Horno – Not really casual and not really fancy, Horno is right there in the middle with quite frankly one of the best menus in all of Santa Fe. Vegan dumplings, vegan miso veggies, vegan chocolate cake, and more… with a great wine list, fantastic service, and my goodness do not forget to make your reservations unless you want to eat at a slim wooden bar or wait until 8:30.
  10. Optunia Cafe – Teas, coffees, vegan bowls, vegan desserts, and a gorgeous, light-filled dining room overlooking the Farmer’s Market and the Railyards District. Service is slow but the food is good and worth the wait.

As always, I’ll be adding to this list of the 10 Best Casual Vegan Restaurants in Santa Fe, and editing this list, as the months and years go on. I hope you enjoy these, and please reach out if you have questions or other great ideas!