Back in 2014, my husband and I had become completely obsessed with the vagabond life (and when I say ‘my husband and I’ let’s just face it: that means me). I wanted to travel our great country and I thought the best way to do it would be in a camper. I’ve always been a fan of living with less, and what a perfect minimalist thing to do: buy a camper, hit the road, live off less.

So we bought a teardrop trailer called Little Guy, and we loved the heck out of that little buggy, taking it from Fort Worth to Yellowstone, via New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming (longtime readers will know: this was the trip that reset my life); to several state parks throughout Texas, and to several cities and campgrounds in New Mexico. And then, life sent us some curveballs and tragedies, and we needed to reset for a bit. Just a few short years later, the Little Guy had to go.

Fast forward to 2022 and as life has (kind of) settled back down and as our work has (kind of) gotten into a groove, we figured now would be the best time than ever to go for round 2. With Covid ramping back up again and my desire to never fly or be around humans at the utmost highest, we’ve been diving back into camping and exploring our open roads in our SUV. After months of research and a few road trips down, we settled on our new camper and brought home our newest Little Guy – this time the Little Guy Max.

We’ve taken it out on a handful of spins now, to some plain Jane campgrounds in North Texas, and to a gorgeous campground in southeast Oklahoma. It’s so lovely to be back in the traveling/vagabonding mindset, this time with just a few more responsibilities and some bigger chains; but I wouldn’t have that any other way.

I knew Covid had made me feel settled and stuck, and I knew it had made me question my life: why am I here (on this human path), what am I doing, who do I want to spend my time with? What it really made me do is question: why am I here (in this city)? Now that our world is fully remote, can we travel more? Can we work from a camper??

The questions that revolve around: where do I go from here? are my favorite questions. Nothing much makes me happier to talk about or dream about than living or visiting another town, seeing a new way of life, meeting new people, trying their local foods and local coffees, going on a new adventure, starting a new career, finding a new hobby, etc. Where do I go from here is my favorite thing to ponder.

And what a better way to ponder that question than by waking up in a different land, with a different viewpoint, with new wildlife sounds, trees surrounding you, nature just an arm stretch away?

That’s why we bought the Little Guy. And what an awesome decision that was.

It took us a year and a half to realize our new at-home normal was really our at-home normal and we have the choice on where to go and who to spend our time with. It’s a huge luxury, that both of us work remotely, and that we’re at a time in life where we can get WiFi pretty much anywhere. It’s time to take advantage of that.

So here we go, on the road again… Love, Jen